Crack Sealing
Water penetration into the subgrade of your pavement through small cracks is the most common cause of asphalt decay. Cracks typically start small as result of a freeze and thaw cycle. As, water penetrates through these cracks and gets underneath the asphalt, it begins to disturb the subgrade layer and can quickly cause more widespread damage. Newline Paving Services recommends that our clients adopt a proactive crack filling program, to significantly increase the life of their asphalt surfaces.


Effective crack filling begins with properly cleaning out the cracks. We use wire brooms, rotating bristle heads and high pressure blowers for this purpose. We then apply a commercial grade hot rubberized crack filler to fill the exposed cracks. Once the material is heated to approximately 400 degrees, poured into the crack and banded at the surface. The crack fill will then cool and harden inside the crack, preventing water penetration and future decay of the paved surface.


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